MARICO Salon Story and Vision

MARICO Salon Story

Our first eyelash and nail salon “MARICO SALON”, was established in 2006 in the heart of Tokyo, attended by models, singers and celebrities allowing us to have a clear understanding of the needs and opportunities of “Eyelash and Nail salons”.
Our job is far more than just applying lashes.
The quality of our skill and dedication to perfection is why we stand out.
The founder, Mariko Matsumoto, is a certified teacher and a member of the Japan Lash Association. Through dedicated teaching, she strives for better and easier use of all our products. After several attempts we finally came up with products that enabled us to satisfy our high standard of excellency until this very day.
The students requests to use the same materials and tools as their teacher led us to an important decision: establishing the “marie rush-lash” brand.
Since then 10 plus years have passed, and MARICO SALON and “marie rush-lash” stores are in 7 countries. We are very grateful for the support through all these years.

Mariko Matsumoto

Founder and director of MARICO Salon and marie rush-lash, one of the biggest leading eyelash extensions suppliers in Asia since 2006
-MARICO Salon locates in Japan, Taiwan, Australia and USA
-marie rush-lash (Eyelash Extensions Supplier) locates in Japan, Taiwan, China, South Korea, Thailand and USA
-Winning 1st Place Top Selling E-commerce in Beauty Category in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.
-Japanese Cosmotology Licence
-Classic Lash, Volume Lash, Lash Lift, Brow Extensions, Butterfly Threading, Nail Technician
-Board of Japan Lash Association
-Certified Teacher and Judge of Japan Lash Association
-Director of Japan VolumeLash Society (International Div.)
-International Lash Contest Judge
-Organizer of Japan VolumeLash Society
-Organiser of Lash Contest with Fashion Models in Japan
-Japanese Celebrity Lash Artist
-Taught over 1,000 students in Japan, Taiwan, China, Korea, Thailand, USA, UK, Australia and Portugal

Founder Mariko’s philosophy

Everyday when I go to salon, i devote my time with 100% of my attention  how i can be better and faster. Even after 10 years of experience I feel like I am nowhere near being perfect. I love the challenge of being better version of myself and also my passion goes towards all of my materials. The tools and techniques change as the market grows. We have the responsibility to answer to the clients needs. Faster, Lighter, Softer, Bolder, etc…
The technique standards are always changing and now may only last few months or years.
It is very important to pay attention to what you do because we are dealing with clients’ eyelashes. They are delicate but the results are huge. Every time we talk to one another we look at people’s eyes. What we perform on the eyes is very easy to see. Our job is far more than just applying lashes. The quality of our skill is why we stand out. It is truly breathtaking to see the quality sets of lashes.