FC Salon Ownership

We know how to make your dreams come true

You ever dream of  having a successful business of your own?
How do you make it come true?
Maybe you have the fear of doing so?
We have all the answers on how to make you dreams become reality.
You can even start from your home by yourself.

What makes us stand out and what is different from other salons?
We offer you
-Our 10 plus years Knowledge of Lashing
-Updated Lashing Skill (Longevity, Speed and a Perfect Finishing)
-Practical Tools and Supplies
-How to run MARICO SALON
-Prepping the Salon Leader for the position
-Prepping the mental devotion to Staff
-Teaching proper sanitation and cleanliness
-Manners and philosophy of MARICO SALON
-Our customer service
-Importance of teamwork
-MARICO Brand Logo and Back Office Data
-Share SNS platforms with all over the world
-Detailed advices on each step of the way!

1. Do you have what it takes?

First, you need to be determent of your set goals.
We can give you the basics but it is in your hands to make it shine.
You need to have what it takes to make your dreams come true.
You need to be ready to have ups and downs and have the passion to stand up every time you face difficulties.
Success will never come to you, you need to work hard for yourself.

2. Find the best location possible 

Decide Salon Location and the number of booths you will have.
The number of booths will determine the potential sales of your salon.
Who is your target?
How much rent can you pay?
How do you bring your clientele?
Where do you want your salon to be and why?
How much are you going to charge?
How many booths and what sales do they bring?
Who is your competitor(s)?
What service do they do at what price?
How close are they?

3. Team up your technicians wisely

Decide the basic idea of payrolls.
You need to put appealing ads around town.
Set up the interviews and really engage with them.
You can train their skills and knowledge but it is hard to change their personality.
Hire loyal, reliable, giving, positive, hard working people.
(required license is needed upon your county)

4. Start designing for your salon

The fun begins!
This is where your dream salon comes to reality.
What kind of Reception, Booths, Restroom, Office?
What material? What color? What to buy and where to buy?
Find the construction company.

Step1 : Contact Us

To become the main MARICO SALON in your country.

Step2 : Get Training

MARICO SALON Headquarters 4 weeks Training.

Step3 : Practice in your country

After the training at our headquarters,
Practice at your own salon and train other Staff.
Start building the clientele.

Step 4 : Completing the Salon

Finishing the construction.
Getting all the right equipment and supplies.
Now we are ready to open the Salon!

Step 5 : Start the Business!!

Pay a low monthly fee of MARICO Booth License.
Purchase the top quality material through marie rush-lash at the lowest cost.

Step 6 : Get involved with MARICO Salon Family.

We offer you headquarters meetings and trainings as much as you need.