Join our team (Nail/Lash Stylist Position)

The beauty of eyelash extensions and nail services is an “instant change” beauty business.
The client’s will enjoy a relaxing time in a “gateway from reality” environment. With the result at the end? Voila!! They can see how well their money is spent. Every time they look at themselves in the mirror, look at their nails, our services give them happiness and confidence.
We offer our clients a service that they would want to keep getting every month.
We have a special skill and knowledge to offer our clients they cannot recreate themselves at home.
If you join our team, We offer you ;
-Our 10 plus years Knowledge of Lash/Nail Technique
-Updated Lashing Skill (Longevity, Speed and a Perfect Finishing)
-Practical Tools and Supplies
-Teaching proper sanitation and cleanliness
-Philosophy for the MARICO Salon
-Our customer service
-Importance of teamwork
-Detailed advice on each step of the way!
You can even try to become a salon leader, a manager or even a owner.
Start your journey with the perfect team for you.
Contact us for the further information with your resume and which location you wish to work for.
We will get back to you with detailed information.